Become Verified Customer on risk free host

First mode of Aadhar otp based kyc

Aadhaar ekyc is a paperless Know Your Customer (KYC) process, wherein the Identity and Address of the subscriber are verified 

You can become a full KYC customer once you complete your in-person verification. By becoming a full KYC verified customer, you will get the following benefits:

  • The amount of money you can hold in your wallet gets upgraded from ₹10,000 to Unlimited
  • No spending limit on your wallet account

Click here to complete your Full KYC.

.deals Domain names

The ideal domain for bargain hunters

Through the miracle of modern shopping technology, Deal Detectives no longer need to settle for a good-enough price when shopping online. They’re looking to pinpoint the best deals available anywhere at the click of a mouse. In fact, finding the perfect product at the perfect price is what continues to power the online marketplace. The .deals domain provides a relevant and recognizable TLD for marketing promotions, coupons, sales, and events, and can even be used by businesses or charity organizations who deal with raffles or coupons.

.xyz Domain names Extension available hear


What is .xyz?

It’s a new generation of domain names. Short, easy to remember and recognizable all over the world, a .xyz domain opens up a wealth of opportunities. If you’re bold enough, hook up your online presence to a domain that lets you step outside the mainstream and claim your own unique space.

A domain that speaks to generations.

Members of Generations X, Y and Z started growing up in the late 1960s as internet technology grew, on an incredible trajectory, from science fiction to an everyday convenience. With xyz, you can evoke a sense of identity for hundreds of millions of people. How’s that for effectively reaching a target market?

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